My Hen Party

Well... You may have guessed, I ended up having my Hen Party In Manchester and I do NOT regret it!

Me and the girls had one of the best nights ever, as you would expect I didnt arrange a thing, but the chief bridesmaid did and as my best friend she didnt let me down.

From sophisticated cocktails and an outdoor activity to a party bus and male stippers. Some how she had packed it all in for us!

I was curious for months how she had pulled it off, I mean I expected no less, but all the people that know her, would agree she is the worst when it comes to planning and organisation.

I begged and pleaded with her to tell me how, then... one night she got drunk and spilt the beans. She had arranged it via

They provide her with ammunition of ideas and then provided all the services to get it all arranged and if she hadnt of told me I would of never known. I personally think its genious and would highly recommend Stag and Hen Manchester. Enjoy!