Royal Splender Sash on the Queens Birthday

It was Queen Elizabeth II birthday on Tuesday the 21st of April, 2015, and it’s always nice to cover information about our Queen and what I was particularly interested in when I saw this party sash was, what does it take to be awarded a sash? As we see every year whenever the royalty or someone very important wear they’re sashes, there are quite a lot of rules believe it or not… Sashes are part of the insignia that accompanies membership in an order of merit. Sashes are always awarded however each order has its own specific rules regarding who can award it, what it can be awarded for and who can receive it.

The Queen always looks remarkable and oozes elegance, but I just love how she rocks the sashes every year but also how she even gets involved in selfies when she is out about! Not sure if we will ever catch her in a selfie when she is wearing her party sash but that would be pretty amazing. For an example of orders of the sashes, below Is a picture or royal ladies where you can easily tell orders apart as each ribbon used on each sash is unique to order. All of the sashes that the royal ladies are wearing have come from the same country that they are representing.

Party Sashes to the younger generation are commonly known for proms, birthdays, hen-dos, birthday parties and so on… yet these sashes have a much more sentimental value than that. Especially the royal sashes, these are worn with a badge at the hip and a star at the chest or the waist. The highest and most formal mark of an order is typically the collar; you may have seen Prince Charles showing you that he means business!

Policies for being awarded a sash vary from country to country; an example of an automatic award would be when a royal turns 18 or 21. Queen Elizabeth rarely gives out orders, the highest order in Britain would be the Garter, and that sash is also the most exclusive. The queen only awarded the Countess of Wessex back in 2010 as she was given the Royal Victorian Order as she hit a milestone of 10 years of marriage and several years of service to the queen, so you have to be damn special to be rewarded a sash from the queen!

The men usually wear them with a white tie in the evening and with military uniforms, however some uniforms may only require the star as we commonly see on the chest and near the collar. The women wear orders when the men are wearing white ties, meaning they are in gowns and tiaras usually to be wearing their sashes. Women would also be wearing them if they were in their military uniforms, with the same guidelines to what the men would do.

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